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Getting Started

  For help setting up your miner please see Help section, NiceHash miners please connect to port 3037.
Is your miner not showing up on the website or is it behaving unstable? Please try the other port.
After trying the other port and it is still not stable, Please review your settings.
If you cant figure it out do not hesitate to contact @DGRL at Discordapp
If you are mining but you do not see your address in the stats,
Then that means your computer is not strong enough to make the calculations need to find a block.
I recommend you to stop mining.
Coin Name Coin Symbol Coin Algorithm Stratum Host Stratum Ports & Diff
stronghands shnd sha256 stratum+tcp:// Port: 3032, Diff: 100 Port: 3037, Diff: 1000000